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Instrument for the irradiation assisted SCC studies

Installation, commissioning and staff training of Cormet's newest instrument at The University of Birmingham accelerator building is being finalised. The last test at 650°C temperature and 30 MPa pressure is being performed.

Uni B'ham's PhD student Liam and Cormet's engineer Jarno witness as the recirculation loop creates supercritical water phase.

The instrument consists of a recirculation loop and a SSRT autoclave with a metallic window. The SSRT autoclave will be positioned in front of a accelerator laboratory's proton and neutron beams. The effect of irradiation on the SCC properties of nuclear construction materials will be studied even in supercritical water environment.

The recirculation loop provides water with certain dissolved oxygen and conductivity values. It also pressurises, heats and circulates the water flow in the testing autoclave.

The SSRT autoclave with a massive heat exchanger / preheater / cooling tower.



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